How to Style a Holiday Table you will Love

Joy and beauty are deeply rooted in meals around our Vancouver table. Whether it is a modest or a lavish get-together, our time with friends is treasured. Every gathering is special – not fussy or flouncy or stressful, but inspired: by the moment, the ingredients in our fridge, the availability of local produce, and a chance to gather the foraged and the found.

Setting a simple table – one that is relaxed and thoughtful, a backdrop and not centre stage – sets the tone for a meal, whether it is brunch, lunch, dinner or just nibbles.

5 tips for styling a simple holiday table you will love

Bring The Outdoors In

Bring The Outdoors In
berries snipped from the garden

Gather branches, greens, pinecones and berries. Our backyards and neighbourhoods are brimming with natural treasures. Great for foraging on a sunny afternoon.


Enjoy Family Heirlooms

Shine Family Heirlooms IMG_6682
family vintage serving set

Reach into the recesses of your cupboards and pull out silver platters, decanters and forks. Cut crystal and glass are not just for place settings but make ideal vases and props.


Mix And Match

Bring The Outdoors In IMG_6681
everyday dishes paired with intricate family plates

Who says everything needs to match – use what you love. Time-worn pieces paired with new are perfection at the table.


Add Texture

linen and flatware
draped linen overlay

Layer tablecloths and linens for texture and depth.


Get Personal

remembering childhood: stack of old photos

A table you will love is one where people love to gather. Randomly place memory-filled photographs at the table or simple ornaments from previous years. We all have a fondness for reminiscing. Gather and enjoy.

Big love for a healthy and happy holiday,


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