How to Make a Fabulous Display of your Collections

Create a sense of continuity and order using just one simple design principle.


Regardless of what you collect and store, most items can be displayed as objects of beauty.

Create a sense of continuity and order using one simple design principle – repetition.

Group items by colour, shape, or size for maximum impact. Containing small collections on trays, in boxes and in vessels such as glass jars and canisters provides impact while lending unity to the collection.

Collections are more than special pieces of china and collectible spoons we pick up on holidays. Our lives require collections. Collections of cutlery, vases, art supplies or shoes. For the space strapped among us – those starved for cupboard and closet space – displays provide opportunities to store our “stuff” in the open and help personalize our homes. Use your belongings as decorative pieces just as these clever Pinterest users did.

Image source: Pinterest

Store old silver spoons in a simple glass jar.


Image source: Pinterest

Display unique and functional trays.


Image source: Pinterest

Hang pretty hats in easy to reach places.


Image source: Pinterest

Organize beautiful shoes and clothes in unexpected ways.


Image source: Pinterest

Gather delicate vases on a favourite tray.

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Image sources: Studio C is committed to finding the names of the photographers/stylists whose amazing work appears on so many Pinterest boards. Recognize this work? Please let me know. Uncredited sources will be removed January 2018.