Clutter-busting Benefits | Making Room for MORE (and less!)


The surprising benefit of paring down is that we end up with MORE – more time, more money and more space. But we also end up with much LESS stress. 

Yes! Finally you can reach into your closet and pull out the perfect outfit! It’s kind of nice to have a little room for hangers to move around, isn’t it?

And thanks to your donation, somebody is grateful that they can now wear a smart outfit that sat at the back of your closet, unworn, for two years. Feel joy when you give things away. Know that your donations feed, clothe, and comfort people with less.

In a recent CBC interview, Sheryl MacKay spoke with Katelin LeBlond about living in a society of consumption. Kathleen speaks of a family that saved 40% of variable spending by adopting a zero-waste lifestyle. If the idea of zero-waste sounds extreme, what about these powerful words from Katelin: “if we’re not using it, we’re keeping someone else from using it”.

When we donate:

  • we benefit from the pleasure of helping others
  • we show, by example, what it means to be generous
  • we improve someone else’s life – and our life improves as well

“If we’re not using it, we’re keeping someone else from using it.”

There is no downside to selling, gifting and donating our excess. Not a single person has ever told me that they regret decluttering their home. The pay-off can be monetary but that’s not all:

less waste = more money

less possessions = more space

less stuff = more time + less cleaning

less belonging = more order + greater ease in finding things

Letting go of excess is a win-win. Find out if you’re ready. Is It Time To Kick Clutter To The Curb

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