Country Life | one city girl’s dream

linen apron | Made on 23rd

I grew up in a suburb of Toronto. And I remember, very clearly, visiting dear family friends in the city. It was just the two of them. No children in the house. It was an urban house for sure. An old painted brick home modernized on the inside • open-concept • light-filled • comfy contemporary furniture and white walls with scarcely a thing on them. It’s likely my first real thought about interiors and how people live in them. I remember going shopping with my uncle. Only a block away. No car ride! It wasn’t a grocery store either. There were shops. Little shops! One for bread. One for meat. And another for veggies. There were more! A wine shop. Flowers. Pastries. All this, only one block from their home on a leafy quiet urban street. I knew in that instant that I wanted to live like them.

linen ribbon | Made on 23rd

So here’s the thing. I am a city-girl. I have lived in the city all my adult life because of that experience. I’m thinking I’ll always be a city-girl but there is something so darn special about the country! And when I visit I dream of what it would be like to live with all that open space and rustic charm.

This post was inspired by a recent visit to the Made on 23rd studio in Vancouver, WA  • a design workshop specializing in high quality hand-crafted textiles for the home. The founder, Deb Spofford, recently launched a new line called Fresh Linen. I’m delighted to say that I own almost every piece in this new collection!

Fresh Linen will hit the Made on 23rd online shop soon! European linen aprons, tea towels, table runners and ribbons for everyday use.