5 Delightful Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas

Show your appreciation with a delightfully simple hostess gift. Think delicious, useful, and clutter-free.

1. Next day breakfast goodies

After hosting a late evening it is a joy to wake up to scrumptious French breakfast pastries. Slip into a local bakery and pick up some favourites.


Beaucoup Bakery


Thomas Haas

2. Wine

A nice bottle of wine is a standard hostess gift for a reason; it’s practical and nearly everyone loves wine. Knowing something about the wine you select makes it special. Be festive – try sparkling.


Village VQA Wines

3. Preserves

A uniquely delicious jar or two of local preserves is a pantry treat that your host can enjoy long after you leave the party.


Edible Canada

les amis du FROMAGE

4. Get Crafty

Find charming tea towels, fragrant soaps or lovely lavender sachets at local holiday craft fairs and specialty shops.


Ratatouille Designs

5. Cheese please

Yes, cheese – lovely, local cheese. Pair it with a small cutting board, some nuts or a preserve.


les amis du FROMAGE

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