Signature Gift-Wrapping

bigstock-18891572I love gift-wrapping possibly more than anyone I know. I love paper and beautiful ribbon with coordinating and contrasting colours. But what I don’t love is storing all the supplies.

Small space living requires me to think differently about EVERYTHING including seasonal requirements like gift-wrapping supplies.

Signature Gift-Wrapping is the simple solution for me.

I pick all-purpose combinations suitable for Christmas, birthdays, weddings and more.

Here’s how it works

  • Choose only 1 to 3 rolls of paper in colours that you love. Simple dollar store paper, small-batch handmade paper or luxurious designer collections. Anything goes! If you have small children in your life consider adding something fun to the mix.

Tissue paper takes up hardly any room and is a great solution for packaging  small, awkwardly shaped gifts.

  • Designate a small box to contain extras to pretty up the package.

Tags | Ornaments | Stickers or labels
Stamps | Decorative Tapes
Ribbon | String

  • Last minute additions of small freshly cut greens tucked under a bow are a thoughtful extra.


My Favourite Combos

kraft paper + black ribbon ● white paper + turquoise ribbon

white paper + black ribbon ● white paper + jute

black paper + white ribbon


More than 130 inspired wrapping ideas HERE.

The best how-to! Now you can tie a PERFECT BOW.

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