3 Online Creatives Reignited My Spark!

Image Courtesy of Savage Dior

I marvel at the fact that I can feel completely connected to people I do not know. Creative communities can do that to a person. When people are passionate about what they do it jumps out and grabs you. It’s not just their images on Instagram or their blog posts that are calling to me but their open hearts.

Image Courtesy of Kim Klassen


Image Courtesy of Salvage Dior

Each of these people shine creatively yet it’s their generosity that makes them special! They share their work, processes, insight, encouragement and a glimpse of their soul. It takes bravery to open up creatively and emotionally. I admire that. I am drawn to that. I am fuelled by what I see and read.

Image Courtesy of Salvage Dior






Kate Keesee speaks to my love of all things vintage, rustic, and worn. She has a bohemian, pre-loved thing going on and I ADORE it. Kate’s fabulous thrift (and glam!) home is featured regularly on her Salvage Dior Instagram feed.


Image Courtesy of Kim Klassen





Kim Klassen has drawn me in with her pretty still-life photography and approachable online courses. In the short time that I have followed Kim’s Instagram account she has offered numerous online lessons, set up a studio, hosted creative gatherings, posted amazing photography and more.


I stumbled upon the writing of Paul Jarvis somehow and am so glad I did. His original brand of writing makes me want to read more about business and reaching online communities. He has a light way of delivering solid information.

Kim, Kate and Paul – thank you!

Who sparks your creativity? I’d love to know.

4 thoughts on “3 Online Creatives Reignited My Spark!

  1. Love your posts for Studio C….you really have a lovely way with words…poignant, and thought provoking.

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Catherine.my home is my personal oasis.I am a collector of all things that are beautiful to me wether they are vintage,modern,expensive or thrift finds.’more is more’the person I am.personal style is truly just that;personal style.upon viewing your posts I find that I should pare down,just a tad.I find your posts to be lovely and find them incredibly soothing to the eye and soul.you have shared your gift of living a beautiful life more simple way and I thank you for that. Poppii rose

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