Christine Boyer

canadian-art original-art abstract-art painting vancouver interior-decor interior-design art-collection acrylic affordable-art vancouver-island

Art that channels the INNER CHILD; created in the moment and without specific intent.

Each large-scale landscape and abstract originated from this casual and playful approach of our Feature Artist.


Meet Canadian Painter CHRISTINE BOYER

I had the pleasure of meeting Christine in her home-studio this past summer and watched with amazement as she unrolled painting after painting and set one on top of the next. I had come to Vancouver Island to meet Christine and see her abstract paintings.

abstract-art canadian-artist emerging-artist neutral modern interior-decor interior-design vancouver-island

Christine’s acrylic paintings embrace and incorporate the swirl of life that goes on throughout the studio. And no paintings are considered too precious to be painted around children or dogs and are in fact more special because of them. Christine believes that everything that happens in and around the painting is part of its story. Everything including the framing which Christine does herself.

emerging-artist canadian-art original-art abstract-art painting vancouver-island interior-decor interior-design acrylic

Christine brings her Danish roots to life as she paints, and we briefly discuss the hallmarks of Scandinavian design. Minimal. Modern. Simplistic. These painting pop on light and white walls popular in these countries and now also in North America.

affordable-art abstract-art canadian-artist emerging-artist interior-decor interior-design art-for-sale black vancouver-island

Large-format is Christine’s signature canvas size. Christine trained as a scene painter for theatre as part of her degree and this early experience helped break down barriers to painting large-scale in her own studio.


Christine Boyer Canadian Landscape and Abstract Painter

Christine paints in Canada’s Comox Valley, with her 3 young artists and Laika, the StudioDog.

Studio Open by Appointment


Acrylics on Canvas starting at $75/square foot.



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