Miriam Aroeste

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“Pink Sensations”

If I asked you for a word or two in a foreign language, I could bet you would know at least one even if you don’t know the language at all. Recently, I learned a new word. HUMO. It means SMOKE in Spanish and it’s the name of our Feature Artist’s latest series.


Miriam is an abstract artist who brings her passion for life and colour from her native home, Mexico City. In her newest collection HUMO, Miriam invites us to reflect on that space between our reality and what we tell ourselves. This mixed media on paper collection has delicate beauty. Each piece is steeped in colour while remaining graceful on the surface.

Miriam’s deepest connection to art is with colour and her use of it.

“I feel so different when I paint a red painting as to when I paint a white one. All the colours speak with their own voices, and when they are bright, I really feel my passion shouting. I transform as I work; I react to the colour, and the colour reacts to me.”



I spoke with Miriam in her Parker Street Studio. Listen in as we discuss colour, culture, circles and love.

Click the audio players to listen. Each clip is under 2 minutes. Trouble with audio? Written version here. SPOTLIGHT | In Conversation with Miriam Aroeste

On colour and culture …

On circles …

On love …

Series: HUMO

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“Besame mucho” (Kiss me a lot)

This in-demand collection is vast and new works are available regularly. If you are curious, ask us how to commission a painting by the artist. It’s a fun, collaborative experience allowing you the opportunity to get a bit of your vision painted into the work.

26″ X 20″ (with frame 30″ X 24″)
40″ X 26″ (with frame 44″ X 30″)


More of the Humo Collection HERE.

World-wide shipping available.

How it looks on a wall:

abstract-art local-artist vancouver interior-decor interior-styling colour ,oder bright new-home

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PLUS you’ll want to check out these original Miriam Aroeste works on paper. 

Abstract Artist Miriam Aroeste paints in Vancouver Canada

Find Miriam on Instagram.

Find me, Catherine Sprod on Instagram.

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