Starting an Art Collection | Quick Guide for Beginners

Do you own art? Do you remember the first piece of art you ever purchased? I do. I was visiting San Francisco for the first time and there was an open-air art exhibit in a public park – lots of artists and not a lot of people browsing or buying. I purchased a piece from a young artist named Zaine Christenson. She was likely an art student at the time. The colours in her work really spoke to me: vivid greens with natural accents. I contacted her a year later to ask if she could send 2 more pieces my way. That was 23 years ago.


An art collection is a simple accumulation of art works and anyone can have one.

5 Ways To Get Started:

1.    Buy what you like. Don’t worry about where you will put it or whether or not it is “a good piece”. If it calls to you and it is within your budget – buy it.

2.    Not all art is expensive. If you like a piece of work and it doesn’t fit your budget ask the artist if they have a smaller piece or a very small piece for sale.

3.    Art does not need to be large to be meaningful. I have teeny pieces of art tucked in spaces few people would see. I see them and that makes me happy.

4.    There is no shortage of original art. Check out your favourite local websites and community papers for a list of What’s Happening. Art Openings, small galleries, student shows, and studio Open Houses are frequent in most cities. There are amazing deals in thrift stores and don’t forget social media. Spring and Fall studio tours are an amazing way to meet artists in their creative spaces and can make for a fun weekend.

5.    After purchasing art, attach the artist bio or card to the back of the work – that way you can always reference details if need be.



Art work above by Gina Sarro Landscapes.

Art Styling | Top Tips

In the studio with artist Gina Sarro


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