Learning More About Living With Less

Small PantryMy hubby and I ease into our Saturday and Sunday mornings. We drink coffee and wake up slowly. CBC Radio One, NXNW quietly plays in the background. Sheryl MacKay interviews guests in her dulcet voice and we listen. It’s never long before one of us cries, “turn it up – turn it up”. Recently, it was me. Guest, Katelin LeBlond shared details about her journey of decluttering and the leap into a zero-waste lifestyle.

Our household is a long way from zero-waste. Yes, I am a minimalist (of sorts). Yes, the house is organized. We buy only what we need and try our best to rid ourselves of things that have outlived their usefulness. We live without clutter but we are not zero-waste.

All of us fall somewhere in the spectrum of zero-waste and lots of waste. Katelin got me thinking about what more I could do. Continue reading “Learning More About Living With Less”

Sonos Smart System Offers Big Sound For Small Spaces

Speakers The Size Of Bungalows – be gone!

What if you could have a compact sound system that eliminated the need for heavy speakers, cables and wires while delivering great sound? You can.

Image courtesy of SONOS
Image courtesy of SONOS

Wireless speakers are here and I have them.

“Sonos is a smart system of HiFi wireless speakers and audio components. It unites your digital music collection in one app that you control from any device.”

Control music from any room in your home with your own phone, tablet or computer. Sonos is Mac, Android and Windows compatible. Group speakers for seamless streaming throughout your home or uncouple them for varied listening options in different spaces. Continue reading “Sonos Smart System Offers Big Sound For Small Spaces”

Best Collection Of Inspiring Small Space And Organizing Ideas From Around The Web


Image Courtesy of Salvage Dior

Let your space shine this new year! Borrow these stunning examples and organize with flair, renovate with creativity and live beautifully.

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