The Chaos Cure

It’s not uncommon to

  • feel overwhelmed, burdened or blocked by the idea of getting organized
  • have a nice home with messes hidden behind closed doors
  • buy more than you need because you don’t know what you have
  • talk about getting organized and never do
  • tidy the same thing over and over again only to have it return to its previous chaotic condition

Small Space Experts help

D E C L U T T E R – get rid of unused, unnecessary items

O R G A N I Z E – order items in a way that makes sense to you and your lifestyle

M A I N T A I N – your hard work with NO-FAIL plans

Don’t know how to begin? Start here.

Is It Time to Kick Clutter to the Curb? Design

Still not sure you want to tackle this on your own?  Book a consultation to find out how you can get quick, focused results as I help you sort clutter and bringing order to closets and cupboards.

“Catherine’s style is easy and comfortable. Having someone see the bigger picture helped me make quick decisions. It was freeing.” – J. Martini, Vancouver