In The Studio With Artist Gina Sarro

Stylist Meets Artist | COLLABORATION

Have you heard the phrase, “there is no accounting for taste?” Essentially it means that we like what we like.  Many of us have strong feelings about colour, design and style, and art is no exception.

Recently, I met local Vancouver artist Gina Sarro and one look at her paintings told me that I needed to see more. Know more. And share more.

This art speaks to me. Gina paints both abstracts and abstract landscapes. Her work is both acrylic and oil, on canvas or wood panel and her unique gift is that she paints as comfortably in soft muted palettes as bold daring ones. Both styles are amazing!

Gina Sarro Landscapes and Studio C are collaborating on a regular Instagram feature during the month of May. Simple art styling tips and outstanding, colourful modern art is coming your way.

Sneak Peek

turn that art

When Gina and I met for this photo shoot we were on the same wavelength … do what it takes to make art feel at home in its setting – and in some cases that means turning an abstract upside down! It’s an abstract – position it to its best advantage and that might be different depending on what else is in a grouping. Here we paired Gina’s green linear painting with fresh white hyacinths in an ivory-coloured ceramic vase.

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Is it the top image (green to the left)?

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Maybe you like them equally?

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